2014 Postcard Collection: Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s birthday is celebrated on February 12. Thanks to a generous loan of a private collection of vintage postcards,  we are sharing some with you. “President Lincoln was born February 12, 1809 and died April 15, 1865. He was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Lincoln led the United States through its Civil War, its bloodiest war and its greatest moral, constitutional and political crisis. In so doing he preserved the Union, abolished slavery, strengthened the national government and modernized the economy. Reared in a poor family on the western frontier, Lincoln was a self-educated lawyer in Illinois, a Whig Party leader, state legislator during the 1830s, and a one-term member of the Congress during the 1840s. He promoted rapid modernization of the economy through banks, canals, railroads and tariffs to encourage the building of factories; he opposed the war with Mexico in 1846.” (Taken from Wikipedia, please CLICK ON THIS LINK for the source material including footnotes and references.) Please CLICK on the images below for a close-up look of the postcard.

Lincoln Douglas Debate Lincoln and the Contrabands 660 PC_front_rail splitter
Ford's Theatre house where lincoln died Lincoln Dead Bed Front

Just CLICK on the image for a full view.

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