Ansonia “No.1 Jumper” Clock

This is an Ansonia No.1 Jumper (or “bobbing doll”) clock, dated December 14, 1886 on its four-inch paper dial. A post-style clock, its stand and case appear to have been made of nickel-plated brass; however, the nickel plating has worn off of this one in most places. While this type of “bobbing doll” clock was popular – and fairly common – in the mid-twentieth century, the Ansonia No.1 Jumper is considered to be rare by many collectors.

The clock, with original body and standing at 15.5 inches tall, ticks at 3,850 beats per minute. Its mechanism is a modified pin lever type with a thirty hour time-only movement.

The clock’s peculiar little doll weighs forty grams and appears to be ceramic. While old, it is not likely to be the original doll. 1889 catalog pictures of this clock show a different doll attached.

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